How to Use LinkedIn to Drive Traffic to Your Site

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals and it now has more than 100 million users. Almost 60% of LinkedIn users are in consultant positions or at the executive level. As a result, LinkedIn has the highest number of decision makers in one place over all social media networks. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing sites and one new user arrives every second, which is around one million new users every week.

Just as you would with other social media sites, you need to use the white hat approach. Rather than transparently advertising your goods or services or outright asking for work, try to interact, help, and engage people.

Your LinkedIn goal should be to establish yourself in your niche or your industry. Take the time to connect with colleagues, and customers that you have already established a relationship with and then build on that relationship.

Groups are one of your most popular tools on LinkedIn. You can drive traffic to your website and reach an endless stream of targeted professionals. There are more than 870,000 LinkedIn groups with memberships varying from 1 to 400,000. Most of the groups are business related, although there are nearly 130,000 corporate alumni and academic groups.

WordPress is one of the favorite LinkedIn groups because of its knowledgeable and engaging members. You can easily get your questions answered, and you can participate in a lively discussion. Every application you use will have a LinkedIn Group that represents it. The same applies to every type of job you might do, there will be a group for it. Whether you are a photographer, an illustrator, a Photoshop user or maybe a marketer, there is a group for you.

Are you already on LinkedIn? If you have not yet signed up to use LinkedIn now is a good time to do so. LinkedIn members are not there to look at their friends photos or to give their friends a minute-by-minute description of their day. Rather, it is an excellent place to make the types of connections that can grow an income.

Take the time to update your profile so it clearly and concisely explains what you are all about and what it is you have done. Make sure that you take the time to get at least a couple of recommendations. The best way to do this is to offer to write a recommendation for someone else. Now start driving traffic to your site.

Getting the Most From LinkedIn Searches

There are plenty of social media sites out there and LinkedIn is one of the most popular. Unlike Facebook, which caters to users of all ages over 13, from all walks of life, and with all kinds of interests, LinkedIn is far more focused. LinkedIn is the best social media site for professionals, businesses, and freelancers alike. There is no room here for teens or hobbies. This is a site that allows you to promote yourself and your company and to network with other businesses within similar markets.

One of the powerful tools that LinkedIn has to offer is the ability to search. When you know how to get the most from your LinkedIn searches, you can truly get the most out of the site. LinkedIn is built on a highly evolved platform with a well-developed search platform that is broken into six separate sections. Each of these sections will offer you a mix of suggestions as you type. The advanced search is a very powerful tool.

The search bar is found in the top left of the screen, and the each section can be selected from the drop down option to the right of the box.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 10.54.47

Searches can be filtered by checking the required boxes to the left hand side.

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.00.36

6 Sections for Advanced Searches

Here is the brake down for the six individual sections for your advanced searched.

  1. Updates
    You can filter your results based on your connection level. You can set updates from your immediate network from friends of your friends, friends to friends, or your third level marketing. You can also filter by time, location, range, etc.
  2. People 
    You can filter by relationship, location, school, and industry. There are several more options available if you have a premium membership.
  3. Jobs
    You can filter by how current the jobs are, the industry they are in, the experience that is required, etc. There are a number of other search options available in this section.
  4. Companies
    You can filter by industry, location, company size, relation, fortune, etc.
  5. Groups
    In groups you can filter by language and category.
  6. Answers
    You can filter by categories, and you can even add multiple categories.

With so many options, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty seeking out exactly what you need, especially if you also use the search Boolean operators. Using these operators, you can exclude words, add words, combine two or more phrases, and add that final touch to your search. Tweaking ensures you get the exact results you were looking for.

Understanding how to use the LinkedIn searches to their fullest capability offers you stimulating opportunities that will inspire you to search more creatively not just on LinkedIn but on other social media sites too.

Marketing Yourself With LinkedIn

There are many different social networking sites. However, When it comes to professionals and businesses there is no question that LinkedIn is the leading site. There are tons of opportunities here that will let you build your own brand, advance your career, and market yourself. Letís look at some of the tools that LinkedIn provides to help you market yourself.

Your Profile

In addition to creating your own personal brand, you should list your other qualities in the subtitle. For example, you are a blogger, you are an entrepreneur, or you are a writer. Make sure you post only designations that are relevant to the market you are targeting. You should also make sure you list your experience. You can list yourself as the CEO or Founder of your company if you are the owner. This will help promote yourself.

Use the summary section to introduce and describe what it is you are offering. Use it to describe your service, your product, your blog, whatever it is you are promoting. You should also customize all of your website links. Turn to your external profile links to connect your profile viewers to your blog directly or any other offers you are sharing.


Your Groups

It is important that you join groups. LinkedIn lets you join around 50 groups. There are groups from every industry so finding groups that are relevant to what you are doing, your product, your services, etc. There is more to it than just joining. You need to participate and openly discuss issues at hand. Of course, we are assuming you know something about the topic and so your expertise will bring you rewards in the form of new customers.

Make sure to participate in the conversations and posts that take place. Engaging in an open dialogue will help you to build your presence. When these posts are 100% relevant, you quickly begin to build credibility.

You might even want to start your own group if there a niche that isn’t currently being covered. Even if there is another group, there may be room for your group as well. Running your own group provides you with an excellent marketing tool.

Marketing with LinkedIn is a skill that once you develop can take your business far. You will grow and prosper as a result of the work you do on LinkedIn. That’s why all these large companies can be found on LinkedIn as they already know the secret and are reaping the benefits. Now it’s your turn!

How to Brand Yourself in LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a key business networking tool, and it can be an incredibly powerful resource when you want to develop your personal brand. To maximize LinkedIn take advantage of all the features it has to offer and make the most out of your LinkedIn branding campaign.

1. Edit your LinkedIn URL .

  • As part of developing your brand, you can leverage your name.
  • Visit the Settings Page.Scroll down to the bottom and click “Edit you public profile” to visit the Public Profile settings page.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 15.00.19

  • Scroll down and on the right hand side of the page, under the “Your Public Profile URL” click “Customize your public profile URL“.Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 14.51.15
  • Enter the URL you want and click “Set Custom URLScreen Shot 2013-04-12 at 14.51.22
  • If you have a more common name, you can try using your first name + middle initial + last name. This will let you expand your name brand. Your LinkedIn profile will appear higher in Google search rankings, which means if someone is looking for you, they are much more likely to find you.


2. Modify your Headline.

  • Modify your headline and take advantage of the branding power LinkedIn can offer you. If you are attempting to position yourself to advance your career, you should not overlook the power of the headline. LinkedIn defaults your last job title in the headline. However, you can modify this, simply by going to “Profile”, “Edit Profile”, and then click the pencil icon beside your headline  to Edit.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 15.13.07

  • Use a keyword or keywords that potential recruiters are likely to search. If you were most recently a Director of Marketing, you could create a headline that supports that.

3. Create a Flawless LinkedIn Profile

  • Consider hiring a professional writer to create copy that is compelling and engaging, as well as keyword rich. Make sure that it is 100% free of errors.

4. Ask for Recommendations

  • Ask former or current superiors, subordinates, or colleagues for recommendations. Click “Profile“, then click “Recommendations“. Type a short note asking for the recommendation. When hiring managers and/or recruiters see the positive comments in the recommendation they are more likely to consider you.Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 15.16.09

5. Join Groups.

  • Join Groups and then Participate in them. The importance of groups cannot be stressed enough. They do a great job of extending your reach. When you use them smartly, you will enhance your professional branding and that is important. By participating in the groups your name will become recognizable and you will be able to build your branding, one of the most powerful strategies around!

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Adding Admins to Your LinkedIn Company Profile

There is a lot of buzz around the LinkedIn site. If you do not already have a Linkedin account, the time has come to set one up. Linkedin now allows you to add Admins to your LinkedIn company profile. This is a handy feature that was certainly needed. Some businesses have a dedicated employee that administers the Linkedin company profile, but others share the tasks and it makes it much easier when each person can have their own admin log in.


Linkedin used to be that when you created your profile for your business or organization you were the only one that would be able to edit that profile. Then they added another feature that allowed anyone with a company domain email to access the profile. Finally, now you can add people in your network.


You will still maintain total control of the profile because you are the creator of the profile. However, this is a great feature for those that hire a consultant outside of the organization to manage their social media. You can now manage that account without having to have access to your account.


If you would like to use this option for your LinkedIn company profile, just click on the edit button, which you will find on the right corner. Then under the Company Pages Admins section you will need to choose Designated users only. Here you will type in the box the name of the person you want to add. It says Start typing a name. If you are adding more than one Admin person than you will just need to repeat the process.


Having other administrators ensures someone is available at all times to answer questions, post commentary, and follow what’s going on in the groups. Not only does it diversify the workload, it also diversifies the posts, different ideas, different dialogue, and different ways of discussing things.


Linkedin is a social media tool for businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all sizes. No business should be without a LinkedIn account, in this day and age. Don’t worry. It’s relatively easy to set up an account and to use the site. Linkedin itself provides you with tons of help and there are all kinds of information available online as well.


If you have a Linkedin account, why not add another administrator to take some of the pressure off of you. If you are just setting up an account then be sure to share the administrator responsibilities.


For more on adding admins visit .

How To Grow Your Network Using Groups

A really exciting and useful aspect of LinkedIn is the “Groups”. Groups are places that you can commiserate with colleagues who are in the same business as you, or where you can give advice and establish yourself as an expert with potential clients who might someday use your services or buy your products.


  • When you are finished creating your complete profile on LinkedIn take a look around at the different groups that already exist. You can search the groups by clicking Groups, then Groups Directory.  You can also use the search function on the top right hand side of your home page. Simply select groups, then type in a search term to find groups within your niche and where your target market might congregate.

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 00.14.51 Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 00.17.58


  • Look through the groups and choose five active groups to join. Some of the groups will require approval of your membership request, others you’ll become a member immediately upon request. Once you’re a member of the group, introduce yourself to the group, then try to spend about 15 minutes a day conversing with the groups you joined. You can ask questions of the group designed to make the readers curious about your business. You cannot overtly advertise within someone else’s group, but you can let people know what there is to offer by setting a good example and promoting intelligent conversation.


  • Remember to project a professional attitude at all times when you are participating in groups. Follow the group rules, and do not get into controversial debates on Answer questions in such a way that you are not overly selling your services or businesses. Anyone who reads one of your questions on a group, or answers to someone on a group, are perfectly capable of clicking on your profile and finding out more without overly selling. Also, try to participate about 10 to 15 minutes per workday. After all, social media networking is supposed to be social and you can’t be social if you don’t participate.


  • Although Linkedin Answers is now retired, Questions are still asked through LinkedIn Polls, Groups, or status updates. Read the question and if you know a good answer, even if other people have answered, give your answer. Pay attention to your grammar, your spelling, and your phrasing of each answer. Try to be as complete as possible and give an honest answer that does not automatically say “hire me and I’ll tell you what to do” instead try telling them everything, give away the farm, and then offer to do it for them if they don’t want to do it, and to contact you.


Letting clients come to you is the best way to get a client. A client who is already sold on your ability, your intelligence, and your compatibility with them will not need to be sold. They will come to you, and they will want to pay your fee because they will already know that you’re smart, you know what you’re doing, and that you can help them.

7 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn and Your Personal Branding


Personal branding is key to your success and LinkedIn is an excellent tool to help you achieve that. Let’s look at 7 ways to maximize your LinkedIn and your personal branding.


1. Make the Most of your Profile

Using your LinkedIn profile properly is very important. When you communicate with others on the site, your profile will speak for you. Don’t just upload any photo; upload a good photo. Don’t upload your logo here. People want to see what you look like. Make sure you completely fill out your profile DO NOT leave any areas blank.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 13.00.12


2. Build Up Your Contacts

When you first join LinkedIn you need to build your contact base.

Connect present and past colleagues along with your alumni from your university or college.


3. Recommendations

Recommendations are very important. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools that LinkedIn has to offer. That’s because people recognize recommendations as sincere and trustworthy. Others MUST write them and they are very hard to fake or forge.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 13.00.42


4. Use Groups

There are three ways you can use groups: lead generation, increasing your LinkedIn profile development, and personal development by learning.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 13.02.37


5. Promoting Events

Using LinkedIn to promote your events is a very wise move. You can easily target your audience and can spread your information quickly all the while establishing your personal brand.


6. Use Your Status Updates

The LinkedIn status updates are not used to their full potential.

However, this has been changing a little bit thanks to the integration of Twitter with your LinkedIn profile, a move that was much needed.

Update your LinkedIn profile with relevant blog posts and news. When you use your status updates wisely they can play an integral role in your person branding.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.57.13

7. Networking for Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for you to use to connect with others who are looking to individuals from within the corporate community. When you take full advantage of the tools LinkedIn offers you can build a powerful personal brand. It will not take as long as you might think, and it is worth every bit of time you put into it.

6 Top Linkedin Open Networkers You Should Be Following

Open networkers can be a powerful tool for you on LinkedIn, so let’s look at the 6 tops LinkedIn open networkers you should be following.

However, before we do that we must remind that it is against the LinkedIn User Agreement to invite someone into your network of professionals if you do not know them personally. The reason for this is LinkedIn was built on the philosophy of trust, which means you need to know a person in order to truly trust them.

LinkedIn has added the follow feature, which allows you to follow a group discussion, and then a little later on you can invite them to join your network.

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 11.42.35


1.Olivier Taupin
Oivier Taupin created the group Linked:HR, which is the largest LinkedIn Group at 850,000 members and more than 350,000 professionals. Creating a community of this magnitude is no easy task. Definitely, this group’s worth exploring.

2. Chris Brogan

Most of you already know who Chris Brogan is; A well-known, powerful online marketing guru. Be sure to read the many posts Chris has on his LinkedIn blog. Chris is a very smart networker and you would be wise to check out his LinkedIn profile , because you can learn a lot.

3. Gerald Haman

This is a man who is known as “the resolution man” on LinkedIn and he is also the creator of tons of Innovators LinkedIn groups including Innovative Marketing, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators with more than 100,000 members. Gerald Haman is a professor at Northwestern University, and he has also helped clients generate more than 2 billion dollars in revenue.

4. Thubten Comerford

Thubten Comerford is a deeply spiritual man, and was even ordained as a monk in a Tibetan temple. He also has an incredibly successful track record in his business ventures. He is a social media consultant and you should definitely have a look at what he offers.

5. Jay Deragon

This may be a name you are familiar with since he was one of the social media bloggers for 2011 that was mentioned a number of times. Jay’s goal is to have us all become part of his new Social Flights venture. Jay is a very smart and business savvy man and most of us could earn a lot from him.

6. Gary Zukowski

Here is another one of the top connectors. If you have the opportunity to hear the story of Gary Zukowski’s company TweetMyJOBS be sure to do so. TweetMyJOBS is the largest job board and recruiting station on Twitter. Gary is a very savvy person when it comes to the twittersphere.

Linkedin For Business Coach & Sales Trainer

Linkedin is a major social media tool and in recent years has begun to grow in popularity and necesscity. Linkedin is different to other tools such as Facebook and Twitter in the sense that Linkedin is a business networking tool. Linkedin is a social media tool where businesses & professionals come together, exchange CV data, interact & network with others in your industry, recieve breaking industry news and apply for jobs etc. Therefore Linkedin is a must for any Business Coach or Sales Trainer.  Linkedin must become part of your  marketing planning and strategy.

Linkedin will enable you to have direct contact with not only customers but with other influential people in your industry. For example suppliers, buyers etc. Linkedin is an essential tool if you are hoping to expand your business coaching services or your sales training packages.

Linkedin will  allow you to generate more traffic to your actual company website & will also generate more leads. Linkedin is an essential way to network and it is important that you begin to network through this social media tool.

Therefore, if you are a business coach or sales trainer, Linkedin is a tool you should really think about incorporating into your marketing strategy.

Linkedin For Printing Services Company

In today’s age of new technology and new digital marketing practices, it is important for companies to adjust and build their online presence. Tools such as Linkedin are key in order for a business to achieve this. However it is still very important to maintain a strong off-line presence including customer service, a healthy product offering and brand image. Companies should look to continue building off-line channels such as promotions, personal selling, word of mouth & PR. However, Tools such as Linkedin can enable businesses to achieve this albeit online but when combined with off-line practices, it could really enhance and optimise the company’s performance and success. This is regardless of the industry or market the company operates in and in most circumstances, companies can achieve this.

So, if your company is a Printing Company, who offer Printing Services for both personal and business requirements, then this approach should be no different. Linkedin is a tool which can drastically enhance your online presence, your company’s awareness & you product/service on offer. So Why Use Linkedin?


Brand Awareness:

Linkedin will enable your business to generate brand awareness by placing your business information and offerings in front of a massive audience, who you can interact and communicate with directly.



Linkedin can enable your company to advertise your brand and products but also advertise new campaigns and services. For instance if your printing company was looking to advertise new flyers or business cards, then Linkedin could enable this.


Competitor Analysis

Linkedin can enable a company to analyse their competitions strategies, their offerings and their movements. It can allow companies to identify the major selling points, how they advertise and how they interact with customers and followers. For instance, if your competitors were having succees with there leaflet printing services, you could look to identify, what there customers reactions, behaviours and opinions are. You could look to identify how they are advertising or communicating these services.



Linkedin can enable businesses to conduct research on their market and on customer’s attitudes, feelings and behaviours.



Linkedin can enable companies to network with other like minded people, customers, clients and other people within the industry. Linkedin allows your company to join groups, organise events & host competitions etc.


Hiring & Recruiting

Linkedin is a great tool which can enable your company to search and head hunt talented people and can be used as a platform for hiring staff.


Keeping A Float With News & Events

Linkedin can allow your business to relevant breaking news articles or stories.


So if you’re printing company is looking to promote your brand & business printing services, then Linkedin is a tool which can allow you to do so. It is certainly worth looking into. So get cracking and all the best.

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