Marketing Yourself With LinkedIn

There are many different social networking sites. However, When it comes to professionals and businesses there is no question that LinkedIn is the leading site. There are tons of opportunities here that will let you build your own brand, advance your career, and market yourself. Letís look at some of the tools that LinkedIn provides to help you market yourself.

Your Profile

In addition to creating your own personal brand, you should list your other qualities in the subtitle. For example, you are a blogger, you are an entrepreneur, or you are a writer. Make sure you post only designations that are relevant to the market you are targeting. You should also make sure you list your experience. You can list yourself as the CEO or Founder of your company if you are the owner. This will help promote yourself.

Use the summary section to introduce and describe what it is you are offering. Use it to describe your service, your product, your blog, whatever it is you are promoting. You should also customize all of your website links. Turn to your external profile links to connect your profile viewers to your blog directly or any other offers you are sharing.


Your Groups

It is important that you join groups. LinkedIn lets you join around 50 groups. There are groups from every industry so finding groups that are relevant to what you are doing, your product, your services, etc. There is more to it than just joining. You need to participate and openly discuss issues at hand. Of course, we are assuming you know something about the topic and so your expertise will bring you rewards in the form of new customers.

Make sure to participate in the conversations and posts that take place. Engaging in an open dialogue will help you to build your presence. When these posts are 100% relevant, you quickly begin to build credibility.

You might even want to start your own group if there a niche that isn’t currently being covered. Even if there is another group, there may be room for your group as well. Running your own group provides you with an excellent marketing tool.

Marketing with LinkedIn is a skill that once you develop can take your business far. You will grow and prosper as a result of the work you do on LinkedIn. That’s why all these large companies can be found on LinkedIn as they already know the secret and are reaping the benefits. Now it’s your turn!

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