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Linkedin Training To Attract The Right Talent…Fast

Linkedin-sources-of-revenue-v2Today’s challenging recruitment landscape requires new tools like LinkedIn to beat the competition and open new avenues to attract the type of winning talent you are REALLY looking for. Weather you work as part of a recruitment agency or an internal recruiter in a HR department, Linkedin is a key that can open up many news doors for you to connect with and attract your ideal candidate.

Having the insider knowledge of LinkedIn, which is perhaps the key social media channel for recruitment, will undoubtedly open up access to both the people and information that recruiters can use in their roles.

With over 200m users worldwide, LinkedIn provides access to a vast potential pool of talent and organisations – the major challenge is how to use this tool productively and effectively. LinkedIn offers recruitment agencies, executive search and recruiters in general a hugely important tool which has enormous potential both on the client side and in terms of candidate research. offers comprehensive training for recruiters to assist them utilise Linkedin efficiently in finding talented candidates. The training includes the major functionality of Linkedin Talent Finder:

  • Candidates’ Search
  • Search For Top Talent Within Your Groups
  • Linkedin Groups
  • InMail
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Profile Organiser
  • Candidates’ Pipeline
  • Expanded Profile Views
  • Open Link
  • Candidate’s Criteria Match Alerts
  • Reference Search

Workshop Details

So you maybe saying to yourself, yes that all sounds great, so what’s involved in a typical training session. The following text will give you a an overview of what you can expect and what you will take away. Our programs typically run for a half day but depending on your requirements we can and will tailor programs to you exact needs.

  • Half-day workshop covering Using LinkedIn for Recruiters
  • Handout pack containing full slide pack for note taking
  • Document covering LinkedIn Profile Setup & Optimisation
  • Document covering the Settings to use ‘Best Practice’ on LinkedIn
  • E-Mail support (for any follow up questions while putting the contents of the session into practice)

Our LinkedIn Training for Recruiters covers the following areas:


Section 1: Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Why LinkedIn is key and some critical statistics
  • Starting Right – Your LinkedIn strategy
  • Getting your Settings right for you as a recruiter

Section 2: Profile Creation: The Foundation for Success on Linkedin

  • Developing Your Profile To Attract Candidates, Clients and Partners
  • Getting to the top of search results on LinkedIn for your target keywords
  • Using the available applications to enhance your visibility and credibility

Section 3: Developing Your Network To Resource Candidates And Find New Clients

  • Methods and approaches to extend your network
  • Using the advanced search facilities to find the right candidates and target new business
  • 8 areas you need to be using to identify potential candidates and prospects
  • How to approach and connect with people – and how not to!
  • Laser Targeting The Exact people you want to reach: Practical advice to develop the right search strings
  • Opportunities with the ‘tagging’ function examined

Section 4: Raising Your Profile & Developing Your Reputation

  • Developing and raising your profile to set you apart from the competition on LinkedIn
  • Updates: how to use them best without re-inventing the wheel
  • Groups: participating sensibly and establishing your own
  • Answers, events, messaging, testimonials and other on site tools

Section 5: Company Tools and Coordinating Activities

  • Using the company pages
  • Coordination at a company and team level
  • Ensuring all your target areas are covered
  • Examining LinkedIn’s additional offerings

Section 6: Establishing a LinkedIn Routine

  • Getting organised and making best use of your time
  • Key activities and how to arrange them
  • LinkedIn Tools to help you achieve this while managing your time

For more details or if you would like to book a date with us, you can get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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