Adding Admins to Your LinkedIn Company Profile

There is a lot of buzz around the LinkedIn site. If you do not already have a Linkedin account, the time has come to set one up. Linkedin now allows you to add Admins to your LinkedIn company profile. This is a handy feature that was certainly needed. Some businesses have a dedicated employee that administers the Linkedin company profile, but others share the tasks and it makes it much easier when each person can have their own admin log in.


Linkedin used to be that when you created your profile for your business or organization you were the only one that would be able to edit that profile. Then they added another feature that allowed anyone with a company domain email to access the profile. Finally, now you can add people in your network.


You will still maintain total control of the profile because you are the creator of the profile. However, this is a great feature for those that hire a consultant outside of the organization to manage their social media. You can now manage that account without having to have access to your account.


If you would like to use this option for your LinkedIn company profile, just click on the edit button, which you will find on the right corner. Then under the Company Pages Admins section you will need to choose Designated users only. Here you will type in the box the name of the person you want to add. It says Start typing a name. If you are adding more than one Admin person than you will just need to repeat the process.


Having other administrators ensures someone is available at all times to answer questions, post commentary, and follow what’s going on in the groups. Not only does it diversify the workload, it also diversifies the posts, different ideas, different dialogue, and different ways of discussing things.


Linkedin is a social media tool for businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all sizes. No business should be without a LinkedIn account, in this day and age. Don’t worry. It’s relatively easy to set up an account and to use the site. Linkedin itself provides you with tons of help and there are all kinds of information available online as well.


If you have a Linkedin account, why not add another administrator to take some of the pressure off of you. If you are just setting up an account then be sure to share the administrator responsibilities.


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