How To Grow Your Network Using Groups

A really exciting and useful aspect of LinkedIn is the “Groups”. Groups are places that you can commiserate with colleagues who are in the same business as you, or where you can give advice and establish yourself as an expert with potential clients who might someday use your services or buy your products.


  • When you are finished creating your complete profile on LinkedIn take a look around at the different groups that already exist. You can search the groups by clicking Groups, then Groups Directory.  You can also use the search function on the top right hand side of your home page. Simply select groups, then type in a search term to find groups within your niche and where your target market might congregate.

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  • Look through the groups and choose five active groups to join. Some of the groups will require approval of your membership request, others you’ll become a member immediately upon request. Once you’re a member of the group, introduce yourself to the group, then try to spend about 15 minutes a day conversing with the groups you joined. You can ask questions of the group designed to make the readers curious about your business. You cannot overtly advertise within someone else’s group, but you can let people know what there is to offer by setting a good example and promoting intelligent conversation.


  • Remember to project a professional attitude at all times when you are participating in groups. Follow the group rules, and do not get into controversial debates on Answer questions in such a way that you are not overly selling your services or businesses. Anyone who reads one of your questions on a group, or answers to someone on a group, are perfectly capable of clicking on your profile and finding out more without overly selling. Also, try to participate about 10 to 15 minutes per workday. After all, social media networking is supposed to be social and you can’t be social if you don’t participate.


  • Although Linkedin Answers is now retired, Questions are still asked through LinkedIn Polls, Groups, or status updates. Read the question and if you know a good answer, even if other people have answered, give your answer. Pay attention to your grammar, your spelling, and your phrasing of each answer. Try to be as complete as possible and give an honest answer that does not automatically say “hire me and I’ll tell you what to do” instead try telling them everything, give away the farm, and then offer to do it for them if they don’t want to do it, and to contact you.


Letting clients come to you is the best way to get a client. A client who is already sold on your ability, your intelligence, and your compatibility with them will not need to be sold. They will come to you, and they will want to pay your fee because they will already know that you’re smart, you know what you’re doing, and that you can help them.

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