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In today’s age of new technology and new digital marketing practices, it is important for companies to adjust and build their online presence. Tools such as Linkedin are key in order for a business to achieve this. However it is still very important to maintain a strong off-line presence including customer service, a healthy product offering and brand image. Companies should look to continue building off-line channels such as promotions, personal selling, word of mouth & PR. However, Tools such as Linkedin can enable businesses to achieve this albeit online but when combined with off-line practices, it could really enhance and optimise the company’s performance and success. This is regardless of the industry or market the company operates in and in most circumstances, companies can achieve this.

So, if your company is a Printing Company, who offer Printing Services for both personal and business requirements, then this approach should be no different. Linkedin is a tool which can drastically enhance your online presence, your company’s awareness & you product/service on offer. So Why Use Linkedin?


Brand Awareness:

Linkedin will enable your business to generate brand awareness by placing your business information and offerings in front of a massive audience, who you can interact and communicate with directly.



Linkedin can enable your company to advertise your brand and products but also advertise new campaigns and services. For instance if your printing company was looking to advertise new flyers or business cards, then Linkedin could enable this.


Competitor Analysis

Linkedin can enable a company to analyse their competitions strategies, their offerings and their movements. It can allow companies to identify the major selling points, how they advertise and how they interact with customers and followers. For instance, if your competitors were having succees with there leaflet printing services, you could look to identify, what there customers reactions, behaviours and opinions are. You could look to identify how they are advertising or communicating these services.



Linkedin can enable businesses to conduct research on their market and on customer’s attitudes, feelings and behaviours.



Linkedin can enable companies to network with other like minded people, customers, clients and other people within the industry. Linkedin allows your company to join groups, organise events & host competitions etc.


Hiring & Recruiting

Linkedin is a great tool which can enable your company to search and head hunt talented people and can be used as a platform for hiring staff.


Keeping A Float With News & Events

Linkedin can allow your business to relevant breaking news articles or stories.


So if you’re printing company is looking to promote your brand & business printing services, then Linkedin is a tool which can allow you to do so. It is certainly worth looking into. So get cracking and all the best.

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