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Social networking sites are playing a crucial role in making businesses successful. To own a business is easy, however lots of strategies are required to make it lucrative. In current era, more and more business owners are utilizing social networking sites for business promotion. LinkedIn is a famous site which has been used by unlimited business professionals and those who are looking for a job. It has gained popularity as users get an opportunity to showcase their competence in a particular field. Accounts of this site are based on two formats i.e. personal and business.

This site has given a boost to the recruiting industry. Every user can learn plenty of professional things about other users by viewing their profiles. On this site, professionals are identified for their experience and skills. Members of this site can find jobs and apply directly. It offers an ideal opportunity to those who believe in building up business relationships. Credibility of a person is enhanced when he gets recommendation from other person. Creating an account on this site is not at all a time-consuming process. After creating a profile, an individual can leverage his connections and resources. Moreover, profiles can also be updated if required at any point of time. In the profile, achievements, awards, areas of expertise, current designation in a company, certification courses and additional information can be mentioned. If you are searching for a job, it is assured that reputed companies will approach you when you have an account on LinkedIn. In relevant groups of this site, anyone can write articles and blogs which are thought-provoking. It has been observed that majority of business owners are not aware that they can reach investors and business partners by having an account in LinkedIn.  In addition, one can also view that how many connections a user has.


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