Changing How I do Business Using LinkedIn


If you find yourself wondering if LinkedIn could have a positive affect on your business, the answer is an emphatic yes. Many online business owners will tell you that LinkedIn is one of their most valuable tools.

Participating in LinkedIn is a great way to bring in questions and queries that are later converted into paying sales. Many businesses have been able to get business directly from LinkedIn. The key is patience. You won’t generate revenue overnight but the customers you do establish often become long-term customers.

If you are targeting B2B companies, LinkedIn will be a very valuable tool, as it is preferred over Twitter and Facebook according to a recent study. However, it is not enough to just put up a profile. You will need to take the time to create a detailed profile, and then you need to participate on the site. Groups are a great way to do that.

When it comes to groups, the more the merrier. Seek out groups that meet your profession, your industry, or your niche. Then make sure you engage in conversation on those groups. Over time, you will increase traffic to your website, and you can improve your Google ranking. Make sure you use Google Analytics so that you can see where your traffic is coming from.

Do not make the mistake of thinking LinkedIn is just a source of business. It is so much more. You can use it to seek our vendors; find consultants, hire professionals, and these same people can refer business over to you.

Group discussions can be a valuable source of information. You can learn all kinds of great things like streamlining business procedures, learning how to use LinkedIn to change how you do business, finding ways to find better vendors and suppliers. The groups are a wealth of information. If you participate in the groups you are a member of, you will also be a source of information for others. It’s a two way street and when used properly, and can be very beneficial.The internet has changed the way we do business. Social media has changed the way business is done even more, and LinkedIn, which prides itself in being a business resource, simply takes things a little further keeping things focused and business related. If you are not yet using LinkedIn, the time has come for you to sign up and begin to enjoy the benefits it has to offer.


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